The medals hunt as began

mardi 4 septembre 2018

For this forth and ultimate day before the Medal Races, the olympic classes enjoyed a quite nice October sunshine and a moderated wind, fluctuating between 10 and 15 knots. A calm aspect for a day filled with the tension in prospect of tomorrow’s Races, whose name does means – litterally - racing for the medals. Where the ten best race against each other and where every point counts double.

Nacra 17
Since 10:30 a.m. The Nacra 17 launched themselves on the water. After 4 disputed rounds, the triple World Champions Billy Besson and Marie Riou are still on the top of the ranking. They showed their domination on the water again, winning two races, 12 points ahead of the French duo Moana Vaireaux and Manon Audinet in 2nd position. The Greek team, Sofia Bekatorou and Trigkonis Konstantinos close out the temporary podium, at the edge of the grand finals tomorrow.

Manon Audinet, in duo with Moana Vaireaux (FRA) - 2nd on the temporary ranking: « The week went well for us. We knew coming here that there wouldn't be a lot of teams engaged but the foreigners are here, and the level is good ! We had training points for this regatta. The conditions were really great and I am very happy to sail at home. The Medal Race are not really our strong suits, so our goal tomorrow is not to do any course fault. We are looking for clean race for this Final,and we are a bit under ressure as I am racing here at home. »

Laser standard / Laser Radial
In the radial category, the Danish competitor took a serious chance at the Medal tomorrow. She is far ahead with 26 points of the fleet, and mathematically speaking, ensured herself the victory tomorrow. Mathilde De Kerangat, from the Société des Régates Rochelaises, is still in 2nd position on the general ranking after today's 3 races. In third position, Spanish Alecia Cebrian is followed by Marie Bolou, member of the French National Team in 4th position.

Mathilde de Kerangat (FRA) - 2nd on the temporary ranking : « I am starting to feel a bit tired from this week's competition. We had some wind coming from the East today, it was physically hard, the sea was chopy, and it wasn't easy technically speaking. I am quite pleased with my day. On the first race I took a very bad start and succeeded to climb back at the 10th position. The regatta isn't finished yet, but I am very happy with my performances this week, I stayed in front with good starts but most importantly, when I was behind, I stayed focused, and climbed back little by little. Tomorrow for the Medal Race, I'm going to do my best, we're going to have to sail with our wind. »

In the Standard category, the French Jean-Baptiste Bernaz, Silver Medallist of the Rio Test Event this summer, guaranteed the show today winning 2 of the 3 races. With 29 point ahead, he is sure to win the gold tomorrow. The Russian Sergey Komissarov is back at his 2nd place with a steady day ( 9th - 3rd - 6th ). Italian Alessio Spadoni goes down to the 3rd place. Let's point out the young French Eliot Merceron, who booked his ticket for tomorrow's Medal Race, with his 6th position on the temporary ranking.

RS : X hommes et femmes
In the Men category, the Dutch, Matthijs Van't Hoff, climbs the 1srt stair of the temporary podium, after good day ( 8th - 2nd - 2nd). 2 French complete the head trio : Benoit Bigot in 2nd, after today's last round victory and Igor De L'Hermite in 3rd.

Igor de L'Hermite (FRA) - 3rd place on the temporary ranking: « Today was a bit difficult for me, I did well on the first round. The wind was random. On the second round I went for a tactical move which didn't pay out. On the 3rd round I went for the wrong side. The steady soeed I kept didn't compensate my tactical mistakes. Today we raced in 10 to 14 knots. I'm ready for tomorrow Medal Race »

In the Women category, The English Dan Wilson performed pretty well today by winning 2 rounds on the 3 of the day. She is 10 points above her US contestant Farrah Hall. The Dutch Sarah Wennekes is on the 3rd place of the temporary ranking.

49er / 49er FX
The 49ers program was loaded with 4 rounds to race, provoking a few twist in the ranking. English duo John Pink and Stuart Bithell took over the French Julien D'ortoli and Noé Delpech who are now second in position. Another English team Dylan Fletcher and Alan Sign are in 3rd position. The five first of the ranking are playing on a 10 point range and the MEdal race tomorrow promise to change everything again.

John Pink, teamed up with Stuart Bithell (GBR) - Ahead on the temporary ranking: « Today was a good day, there was a good bit of breeze, best conditions for us 49ers racers, all snake and ladders, never over till it's over, so it was good fun. The conditions here are fine, quite sunny, first day obviously wasn't the best, but since then it's been good racing conditions. It's my first time here in La Rochelle, and these regattas are a good training for our World championship coming up in November. It's a bit choppy in the onshore which is what we were looking for and very similar as well for the offshore, which is what we were looking to train in, so it's been perfect for us. »

In the Women category Sarah Steyaert and Aude Compan keep their position on top of the ranking in fornt of Lili Sebesi - Julie Bossard and Marie Soler - Albane Dubois.

In the oldest category of Olympic class, the Swedish Max Salminen is going strong since the begining of the week, and win again the 2 of the 3 rounds of the day. The Italian Poggi Giorgio, at the 2nd place, on the temporary ranking does show a very regular week as well. Fabien Pic, from La Rochelle finishes 3rd on the podium.

The 15 teams engaged in the Longtze World Event launched in their first day of competition. 5 races were run on the sailing area here today in La Rochelle. The 2 first teams are separated by only a few points. The Société des Régates Rochelaises team skippered by Laurent Berjon takes the head of the podium of one point to Ocean Team Solutions skippered by Johan Ravier. Last but not least on the 3rd position on the ptemporary ranking, we find the Young team of the PACA district skippered by Gabriel Skoczek.



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